Looking to save money? You are at the accurate place we will help you save big with all the coupons and discount codes. DealsNado is like a heaven for people who have a knack for couponing or are trying to save some serious amount. We have almost every category covered from kitchen to kids and from home to office. You’ll be able to find wonderful discount codes here related to everyday and occasional stuff.

When you are about to avail the discounts you may also have a lot of queries about the usage of these codes. We have tried to answer those queries here and hope the responses can satisfy you.

Understanding Discount Codes

Let’s begin with what are discount codes? These are the alpha-numeric codes which are used to get discounts on specific items or your entire bill. They have many names including promo codes, vouchers, discount vouchers, coupon codes, coupons, and codes. These codes can be offered by the manufacturers or the retailers both.

Using Coupon Codes

The next thing is how to use these codes? It is not really difficult. However, it may differ from retailer to retailer. Most commonly, an option can be seen to redeem or use the coupon code while you are in the process of making payment. During the checkout, purchasers are usually asked to enter the promo code. Be watchful because some stores may deliberately try to hide this step.

Why Don’t They Work?

Occasionally these codes ditch the customers and buyers are left wondering why isn’t this code working? Well, there are several reasons for it. If a code is invalid it can simply be a typing error always give it another go and when it doesn’t work this time too, ponder over these:

  • Expiration: many voucher codes are redeemable for a limited time, and once this limit is over they are wasted. The dates are usually cited in terms and conditions. So, if they are past their expiry, they won’t work.
  • Case Sensitive: though a rare problem but it can be the reason for not working codes sometimes. Some codes may be case sensitive, so it is advisable to copy and paste them.
  • Not Properly Activated: if a code is not working you should call a retailer and inquire. Sometimes the problems are from their end; they haven’t activated it properly. In most cases, retailers will accept their mistake and fix the issue then and there because customers are precious.
  • Exclusions: there are codes which may not be applicable to certain brands, or they may not work for sale stock. The details of these exclusions are also usually mentioned in terms and conditions.
  • Location: many times codes are geo-restricted by the merchants. They may be valid in specific countries or cities.

How To Get Active Codes?

How to know what codes are active is also frequently asked. If a code is present on our website, it is active, and you can redeem it. We offer amazing discount codes for almost everything that you can actually use and save a significant amount. If there are no active codes available we will not show in-active ones on the website though we highly doubt that there will be a time when there are no codes at our page.

Where To Find Promo Codes?

Consumers are often worried about from where can they get voucher codes? You don’t have to panic; you will get them right here at our pages. We are the coupon hunters, and you just have to visit us before you start clicking your shopping. The stores we have keeps on offering major discounts through these codes.

Stacking Discounts

We have a lot of amazing deals for you, and sometime you may find two deals that you don’t want to skip. Let’s say 50% off and free shipping, and now you are wondering whether or not you can use both of them. Well, it depends on the retailers; some may allow their customers to use both while others may not. In the latter case, you should choose the one that saves you the most.

Types Of Codes

There are many types of promo codes, but there are four basic categories:

  • A certain amount off offer: these codes allow you to pay a certain amount less on the product or overall transaction.
  • Free products: sometimes the codes get you freebies.
  • Percentage off offer: these codes get a certain percentage off the shopping.
  • Delivery Offer: when the code makes it possible for you to get your order delivered for free.

What If You Forgot To Enter Code?

We all are humans, and naturally, there is always a wide chance of human error, so what if you forgot to enter the code during checkout? Many couponers wonder if it can be added later. Sadly, no! If it is not in the system at the time when the transaction was made it cannot be applied afterward. However, there are ways to check that you applied a code or not if you are unsure, but we are afraid nothing much can be done.

Product Specific Voucher Codes

Product specific codes are applicable to each item. It means if you have applied a product-specific code and you buy 5 of the same product, you’ll get a discount on all of them. 5 is just an example; it can be as many numbers of products as you want.

Deals Based Codes

There are some promo codes which can only be redeemed for a specific type of deals. It is always mentioned what type of deals allows these codes; for example, it may be a bundle offer so, to use a code you have to buy a certain number of one product.

Special Offers For Subscribers

Many times codes are sent to you by email or push notification; these codes shouldn’t be reused or shared. Mostly they are sent to the subscribers only and are limited for them to use.

Limits Set By The Codes

A number of codes indicate the maximum discount that you can avail. You’ll not receive more than the mentioned maximum discount even if it is a percentage off code.

Then some coupons have a minimum amount limit that you have to spend in order to get the discount. One more thing to keep in mind is other deals do not add up with the items to reach the minimum price limit. Tax and delivery charges are also not included in the minimum payment required.

We Value Your Contribution

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we have witnessed bothering the majority of the consumers. We have tried our best to cover all the possible queries a customer may have but if there is still something left you can always contact us and let us know. We will be pleased to help you out as we want to make your couponing experience fun and enjoyable. The terms and conditions usually answer all about the code itself, but if something is left, we have tried to cover it here.

We highly appreciate your efforts in taking time out and reading all this information before you bombarding us with the irrelevant questions. We may not be able to answer all of these questions over and over again as we want to invest more and more time into making this website more beneficial for you.

By reading these, you’ll be able to save yourself form a lot of trouble at checkouts and can maximize the savings legally and ethically. Happy couponing!






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